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– Website Developement –


Having a website built is a very complex and often a very confusing one that can cost you thousands. Lets start by saying 50N are not the designers or developers. We project manage and offer impartial advice from the designers and developers. That means we speak in a language that you can understand. It also means that the website is designed with Marketing in mind from the very start, saving money in the future and speeding up the success rate of the project.

Why is a website so important?

Think of a website as a shop front. If it’s old, scabby and not very well maintained customers don’t want to go in. But if it’s vibrant, modern and packed with inspiring content they are more likely to engage.

What we do

As we’ve said; whether you’re a small one person operation or a large corporation we project manage and hand pick the design team and developers based on what you’re looking for. We help ease and guide you through the process. By doing this we can help you avoid any pitfalls and keep on top of the project.

Website maintenance

Once your site is live we don’t just leave you; we can offer a comprehensive maintenance package to help keep your site up to date.

For more information on this please see our Website Maintenance page.

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