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– Grow Your Business –

Growing a business is not all about promotion. First it is key to understand who your customers are and equally whether there are any gaps in the market to take advantage of. This is done by Analysing website traffic data. At this point you can target your ads at the most relevant customers, ultimately saving you a lot of money on wasted advertising.

Equally there is not point in spending thousands on advertising when the User experience (UX) of your site is not up to standard. How does it appear on mobile? Are there dead links? Can customer ultimately convert without frustration? You can then test changes with AB testing to prove whether what you plan to do is the right thing.

Digital Analtics Reporting

You’ve got a website, great. But how is it performing? Google Analytics analyses how many people visit your site, how they got there and what they look at among lots of other things. You can use this data to tailor your site to your customers.

UX Experience

Is your website User friendly? It sounds simple, however one of the most common causes for lack of conversion is poor user experience.

AB Testing

There is such a thing as bad change. What you might think, or have been told is a good thing might not agree with your website users. AB testing allows you to experiment with changes and see how users react to the change.

Business Developement

Business and marketing are constantly changing. It can often be challenging to keep on top of it all while finding then positioning within emerging markets.

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