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Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management


Paying per click (ppc) can be the most cost effective means of advertising, booming your business for a matter of pennies. However get a PPC wrong and you could be billed for thousands with all the wrong leads and contacts.

Why do you need a Pay Per Click Campaign

A PPC can be advertising on a website, but it is most commonly used to advertise on Google. The first 3 results on Google are reserved for people advertising. Paying to be there means you have a greater chance of a click and a conversion, increasing your sales for just a few pence per click.

PPC also refers to another Google marketing tool called Display Marketing. This very visual marketing method allows your brand to appear on thousands of websites for a fraction of the usual cost.

There is also an un official link between paying to PPC and Google ranking. A good PPC campaign tells Google you are a credible landing page and thus can rank you higher. However if it’s not done right it could go the other way and drop you down Googles rankings.

What we do

After finding the best keywords for your products/services we put together a campaign targeted to not just the best keywords, but the best demographic. As the campaign runs we provide regular performance updates and a full report at the end. We can then make suggestions about how to best run the next campaign.

We run several varieties of PPC campaigns including the standard google Search Advertising and Display Marketing. We can also run multi platform and remarketing campaigns targeted at customers who viewed your page from specific sources

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