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Social Media Management


Social Media is an incredibly powerful tool for promoting your brand. However get it wrong and your image can be left in tatters. Use organic and paid social media right and you can reach and track a highly targeted demographic.

Why is Social Media important?

Social media is a great way of not just keeping customers up to date with what you’re up to but also search engines. You can put across the image and profile of your brand that you want to in a controlled manner while easily tracking interactions and conversions.

Paid Social Media advertising is one of the most economic methods of promoting your website. You can promote your company and services/products to millions of potential new customers instantly.

What do we do?

Starting with a social media audit we review your current social media presence and compile a report looking at areas of potential growth and suggesting a future development plan. We then look at running status and content marketing campaigns on multiple platforms to help boost your organisation.

We can run both an organic campaign and an advertorial social media campaign. Both our organic and advertising campaigns are highly targeted to your demographic to help improve not just the CTR, but also the conversion rate.

All the way through we constantly provide reports keeping you up to date with campaign progress.

Our team has experience of working with all areas of Social Media including: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Linkdin.

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