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Digital Newsletter Management


Email Marketing is an incredibly diverse tool you can use to help promote your brand to your database of contacts. But are your emails working? We help not only create content but dynamic layouts to help improve your newsletters.

Why is Email Marketing important?

Email marketing is a dynamic flexible tool you can use to help promote your brand and build customer loyalty. Post email analysis can help you see what exactly your customers are looking for and develop further to their needs.

What do we do?

From the very start we look at the purpose of your email and segmenting your contact database so we can more effectively target your customers with the most relevant content to improve the efficiency of each email.

We then look at the layout of the email and again change it dependent upon the message you’re looking to get across. If running a long term campaign, and dependent upon your MMS, we can run AB tests to find the most efficient layout.

Once the layout has been confirmed we begin to create the content. Our team are proficient in writing newsletters for B2B and B2C in a relaxed or professional language.

Before sending it we populate the email with links and Call to Actions that we can track on both the email system and your website. At the start we would discuss the purpose of the email and create a number of trackable goals.

A week or so after the email has been sent we compile a report on the success of the newsletter.

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