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AB Testing


There is such a thing as bad change. What you might think, or have been told is a good thing might not agree with your website users. AB testing allows you to experiment with changes and see how users react to the change.

Why do I need AB testing?

Making even a small change, such as font face or size, to your website can make a huge change. But this is largely guess work. AB testing allows you to test two different pages or sites with your customers to see how they interact. Each version is run side by side. So say somebody clicks on a “Contact Use” link, they are taken to either one of the two pages.

What we do

Initially we discuss the purpose of the test and build an AB test around it. This includes creating desired goals, such as an increase in conversion rate or drop in bounce rate. Once the test has been created we send it live

After the test has run for around 2 weeks we should have enough data to analyse the websites performance. We provide a full report with a solid suggestion on whether you should make the change or not.

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